Until the end of this month we’re giving away the chance to win $150 in hosting credit (paid via Paypal) by simply using ServerBear.

We’ve picked a random number between 0 and 5000, the closest UnixBench Score to this number at the end of the month will win the prize. Simply register the email address that you use to submit benchmarks below, you can enter as many times as you want.


  • Closest person to the number will win $100 paid via Paypal
  • 1 Random winner will win $50 paid via Paypal (more entries below will increase your chances)

UnixBench Score Competition

Hey guys, it’s been a while so I thought we’d give you a quick update on some of the stuff we’ve been working on.

Just a note that we’ve stopped doing the monthly updates & will do a yearly update in July :) I didn’t feel like the amount of effort in writing such a detailed post every month was worth the return.

ServerBear Community

We feel like ServerBear is a community, we have a lot of people who are passionate about comparing & testing the performance of their hosts. However, we’ve never really had a way for members to communicate with each other or see any of their past benchmark history.

On Friday we released the first iteration of our community platform (built on the awesome Discourse project).

ServerBear Forum

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Startup CruveThis months update comes a lot later than usual, one of our new features got pushed out by quite a margin (which I talked briefly about last month).

We were prepared for the stats decreasing a little this month, they always do when the previous month was a viral success. But, it’s important to keep pushing forward regardless – one decent month doesn’t make or break a web business. The graph on the right dubbed “The Startup Curve” was drawn on a white board by Paul Graham from Y Combinator – it highlights the ups & downs of running a startup. Our aim with the site is to make it the goto place for all the information you need to make a decision about a particular web host, the only way to do that is to keep improving the amount of data points we have, we can’t just be another “me too” web hosting review website.

That being said lets kick off the stats for November:

It makes it quite hard to look for patterns in the data when you end up aggregating 3 sites together in the one Analytics account. Technically we have the main site, the blog & server porn all reporting together, this isn’t normally how we’d set things up but we wanted to keep things simple.

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Another month flies past like a distant memory & here I am writing our 3rd update post for October. The last month has had its fair share of ups, downs & frustrations but we’re definitely moving forward at a good pace – to give you some perspective we increased our traffic in October by 311% compared to September.

Going Viral

At the start of September I stumbled across a Tumblr blog called Free Cabin Porn, whilst I’m not particularly an avid outdoor adverturer at this stage of my life I used to be in the Boy Scouts so the outdoors always holds a special place in my heart. I found myself incredibly engaged & addicted to the content, before I knew it almost 20 pages had scrolled past & there was no sign of me slowing down.

In the back of my mind I thought ‘I wonder if there’s something like this out there for servers or data centers?’ which to my surprise there wasn’t. There’s a sub-reddit, which is awesome but no blog that provides something new for you to look at daily. Within a few hours I converted our blog theme over to Tumblr & Server Porn was born. If you look at last months update post you will see that I had already posted 21 posts, literally just after I posted that blog update things started to go a little crazy.

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The last month has flown past in a blur of fur & benchmarks, as promised we’re planning to keep these monthly posts going so you can get an idea of how ServerBear is progressing, whether or not we’re growing & what new features we’re actively working on.

If you’re just joining us now, have a look at our post from last month on the launch of ServerBear.

Last month I was on holidays in the beautiful town of Byron Bay for over a week, which meant I had some much needed downtime to speak with hosts & get lots of content added. This month, the tables turned on us & we found ourselves not needing to be as proactive but getting a lot more requests from hosts & users organically. This in itself is great but also problematic, I’ve found myself spending less time on reaching out to hosts for benchmarks. Something I plan to correct in October.

Traffic Stats

Some good growth this month with a total of 9,443 visits, that’s almost a 100% increase over the previous 2 months combined. You’ll notice a few jumps in the traffic levels on the chart below, these can be attributed to a few things:

  1. Our update post got quite a bit of traction on Low End Talk last month.
  2. We’ve been utilising the Industry Announcements forum on Web Hosting Talk to post an update every few weeks.
  3. When we add a new host or benchmarks we announce it on Twitter (@serverbear), a few bigger hosts retweeted to their large fanbase.
  4. Some hosts are including our benchmarks in offers on Low End Box.
  5. Quite a number of hosts are now linking to their benchmarks in forum posts (RamNode, Front Range Hosting, PrismaVPS, NinjaHawk, fileMEDIASSDVirt & WSWD), keep an eye on our sales numbers below to see if you see a correlation.

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At the moment ServerBear is a website, we’re hoping that eventually we can build it into a business. It’s something that both myself (@thegyppo) & my co-founder John (@ponny) are passionate about, we also think there’s a huge gap in the marketplace for what we’re doing.

We’ve both made a conscious decision that the best way to run our site is through openness & transparency, which is why we’ve decided to reveal our data every month here on the blog, so you can see what we’re doing, how we’re performing & whether or not we’re failing or succeeding (hopefully not the former!).

For the record, ServerBear is not our fulltime gig. We both work full time jobs & our startup (Crowd9) has a number of other websites that we maintain. These generate income for us, but we don’t have the same opportunity to make an impact like we do with ServerBear.

With ServerBear we have to try & get the point where we reach a critical mass. We want to be the goto place that people trust to find accurate data about web hosting. This is not an easy task, but we are approaching this from a different perspective. We feel that we need to build something that is primarily useful for web hosts, we want you to want to work with us & we will do whatever it takes to add as much value as we can, we have the power to make people think twice about your company if you provide a better level of performance & quality than a big name hosting company (and we’ll mention a few of these host that we’ve worked with this month).

We also have to make a living, the world is becoming more expensive, both John & I both have familes, kids & mortgages. We need to make a serious impact if we’re ever to both consider working on ServerBear full time.

Traffic Stats

We launched officially on 24th July 2012, the site itself has been live from 22nd June 2012 but we’ve been iterating based on feedback.

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