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Hey guys, it’s been a while so I thought we’d give you a quick update on some of the stuff we’ve been working on.

Just a note that we’ve stopped doing the monthly updates & will do a yearly update in July :) I didn’t feel like the amount of effort in writing such a detailed post every month was worth the return.

ServerBear Community

We feel like ServerBear is a community, we have a lot of people who are passionate about comparing & testing the performance of their hosts. However, we’ve never really had a way for members to communicate with each other or see any of their past benchmark history.

On Friday we released the first iteration of our community platform (built on the awesome Discourse project).

ServerBear Forum

We are currently working on a number of plugins that will pull data from the main site & allow you to view previous benchmarks against your email address within the member area. You can suggest more ideas on how we can connect the sites in this thread.

We also welcome any hosts that are listed (or not listed) on ServerBear to use this as an avenue to liaise with the community & post any hosting offers.

Grab Your Community Username Now

Gleam Competitions

As many of you know ServerBear is a side project for us, we’ve been working hard on ways to grow the community & data. We had always wanted to build a platform that made it easy for us to run competitions each month, you will have noticed a MaxCDN competition last month & a RamNode one this month.

This is a platform that we’ve been working on for the last few months & I’m pleased to say that we’ve been seeing incredible results for hosts & for ServerBear. We’ve grown our own social footprint by 40% in just two months.

In the spirit of giving back to the hosting community we’d like to extend the offer to any hosting company who wants to run their own competition/giveaway (similar to the one above, on your own site) to get in touch with us. We’re working hard on new features that will make it easier for you to get more customers for your business.

We’re already booked up for competitions on ServerBear until August, but if you also want to giveaway some products to our community please use the support & feedback widget on the right.